These Interactive Makeup Workshops have been designed to put the brush into your own hands. Under makeup coaching guidance, you will learn how to update your makeup look, applying everything yourself!

The SC Makeup Workshop will cover 4 detailed classes taking you back to basics, covering colour theory and the concepts of makeup design. You will leave each session with a wealth of knowledge and a beautiful face of makeup. 

  • Smokey Eye application
  • The concept of Contouring & Highlighting 
  • Wing Eyeliner application
  • Lash application

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WEDNESDAY 2nd - 23rd August







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One-on-One Makeup Lessons

The one-on-one makeup lesson is designed to show you how to update your makeup look specifically to suite your own features. 
Taking you through one step at a time, as we apply the basics: foundation, concealer and powder and the more complex: bronzer, contours and eyeshadows.

We can personalise this lesson to focus on a particular feature or specific makeup look you would like to learn.


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DIY Makeup Workshops