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Temptu Airbrush Cleaning Kit

A perfect mini brush set for easy airbrush cleaning. 

  • 5 different sized micro brushes
  • Super Lube
  • Brush Cleaner
  • Micro Dropper





Temptu Airbrow Kit

The superior tool to design, define and style any brow with ease.

  • 7x 1/4 0z bottles : Soft Black, Rich Brown, Dark Taupe, Light Putty, Natural Blonde, True Redhead and Dark Auburn.
  • 5 x Airbrush stencils: The Boomerang, La Dolce, Madame Butterfly, and the Naturals, whose two shapes can be layered to achieve a multidimensional eyebrow effect.



Temptu S-one Airbrush KitThe S-One Intro Kit contains: 

  • Temptu SP-35 Airbrush gun. A truly versatile airbrush, used for covering medium to large areas. Top-feed, dual action airbrush.
  • ​S-One Compressor Sleek, compact and powerful. The S-One compressor is perfect for makeup and can also be used for body art and other airbrush applications. Max pressure 40PSI. 
  • S/B Silicone Foundation Starter Set. (12 x 7.5ml)
  • S/B Silicone Blush Highlighter Starter Set (8 x 7.5ml)
  • S/B Contouring and Bronzing kit (6 x 7.5ml)
  • Temptu S/B Concealer Wheel, formulated with silicone
  • Airbrush Cleaning Kit. A perfect mini brush set for easy airbrush cleaning. A must for any airbrush user.
  • S/B Primer (1oz) with soothing botanicals and naturally derived silicone, priming and perfecting the skin.
  • S/B Airbrush Cleaner (4oz ) The Pro's choice for cleaning your airbrush when working with S/B products.

SC Artistry loves the finish and light weight feel of the Temptu Airbrush range. We choose to run our airbrush courses with the Temptu Equipment and products as they deliver a beautiful long lasting result.