SC Artistry loves the finish and light weight feel of the Temptu Airbrush range. We choose to run our airbrush courses with the Temptu Equipment and products as they deliver a beautiful long lasting result.  

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Temptu Invisible Difference Finished Powder

This ultra fine, jet-milled face powder is available in 3 shades:
Banane, Pale Pink & Honey

The Pro's choice for cleaning your airbrush when working with S/B products.

Formulated with silicone, our hand-applied concealer is ideal for multi-use. 

Temptu S/B Cleaner 

Temptu S/B Concealer Wheel 

Soothing botanicals and naturally derived silicone, to prime and perfect the skin.

Temptu S/B Primer (1oz)

Temptu S/B Hilighter (1oz)

S/B Highlighters create a radiant, pearlized effect. 

2-4 drops are all you need to emphasize features such as the eye and cheek.

Apply with an airbrush, brush or fingers.

054 Peachy

055 Red Bronze

056 Silver Shimmer

057 White Shimmer

052 Copper Bronze

053 Champagne

050 Pink Pearl 

051 Golden Shimmer

027 Purple

028 Pink

029 Black

030 White

021 RED

024 Yellow

025 Green

026 Blue

Temptu S/B Hi Definition (1oz)

This brilliant colour offers supreme versatility from modern beauty to bold, dynamic applications.

Apply with an airbrush, brush or fingers.

046 Guava

047 Raspberry

041 Plum

042 Peach

043 Coral

044 Nector

045 Peony

040 Blush

Temptu S/B Blush (1oz)

Lightly pigmented for precision application, this blush applies with ease over the cheeks resulting in a radiant even glow.

Apply with an airbrush, brush or fingers.

010 Cappuccino

011 Dark Cocoa

012 Espresso

007 Golden Honey

008 Clay

009 Natural Mocha

001 Porcelain

004 Sand

005 Pure Beige

006 Toffee

002 Blush Ivory

003 Ivory

Temptu S/B Foundation (1oz)

Temptu's premier S/B Foundation is the highest quality Silicone-based formula on the market. Although designed to be applied with an airbrush, S/B is blendable makeup that can also be applied by fingertips, brush or sponge. The natural properties of silicone impart a soft-focus that radiates a healthy and youthful glow on any skin type.